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Why I'm Not Ready for Botox

Growing old is fun. Color me so surprised! Twenty-five year old me would have never believed that it just gets better as the number goes up, but she was wrong. Turns out she was wrong about several things, but we’ll save that for another day…the gift of aging is not bestowed on every one, so I am not about to let my arrival be for nothing.

I don’t want to freeze the muscles in my face, and I’m certainly not interested in passing myself off as a twenty-something. I’ve had an excellent life so far, and I do not mind if it shows up on my face in the form of laugh lines or some crow’s feet. I want to age as gracefully and healthfully as possible, and that includes maintaining the health and vitality of my skin. My goal is not porcelain smooth wrinkle-free skin; my goal is optimum health & function of my body’s largest organ.

I am not knocking Botox, Disport, Kybella, Sculptra or any other injectables. I’ve seen some gorgeous results and have just the lady you need if that’s something you’re wanting to try {shoutout to Jordan!}. It’s just not for me. Not yet, anyway. I’d like to wait until I approach the half-century mark before I start experimenting with injectables, but who knows? I could change my mind tomorrow.

There are so many fun devices + cool innovations available to try that make injectables seem a little boring. Micro needling? Sound waves and radio frequency? Laser and light therapy? Plus product formulations are so much more effective and able to work in ways at the molecular level that can truly revive, restore and rehabilitate the skin’s function. Feed your cells the proper nutrition, then sit back and watch the magic. Our bodies are truly amazing.

And then there’s my original love: facial massage. Gua sha. I personally believe the best way to achieve glow is to move the muscles around, just like that post yoga or gym glow. Bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the muscles in the face and break up tension we don’t realize we’re holding onto. You’ll be amazed by how many emotions come out just loosening up those muscles and the release that comes with it. Peace. Acceptance. Love. That’s what I’m after: loving the skin I’m in as I grow older.



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